Monday, April 11, 2011

News flash!

Some of you may know that I'm now proofreading and reporting for the Methow Valley News. It's a dubious honor perhaps, but the work makes me happy and keeps me off the streets. Except for when I'm Laurelle Walsh - girl reporter.
Proofreading can be a test of endurance some days; I show up at the news office Tuesdays at noon and stay until the paper is done - sometimes after 10 p.m. It's kind of funny when I arrive at the office, everyone seems to sit up and get busy. Sometimes I think they see me as their high school English teacher, or maybe my arrival just reminds them what time it is.

I am also the new Winthrop beat reporter. I've taken over for Carol Stull, who wrote the Winthrop news for years. This means that I attend the council meetings and the chamber meetings and anyone else who'll tolerate my presence at their meetings. I write stories about our little town, upcoming events, the state park, and . . . .

Here's a quote from Frank Vander Wall, who lovingly described my coworkers at the paper thusly: "A bunch of over-educated, smart ass weirdos. You fit right in." A greater compliment I could not have asked for!

The paper is published weekly, and the online version gets posted sometime on Wednesday. Look for it here: Methow Valley News

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