Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Natural history encounter #1

We live closer to nature here in the Methow than most people do in most places.

This fact becomes obvious at times, and rarely more so than during this last week. (Spoken in slow country twang.)  We have had us some nature, folks: up close and personal.

On Saturday morning, our nearest neighbor Joanne phoned and said that she was watching a doe with two newborn fawns under her willow tree. I sneaked over there with my new Nikon and the following photos depict some of the morning's adventure. (Keep reading . . . .)
If you look carefully, you can see #2 fawn's ears on left.
#1 is up and ready to go.
Bath time.

Mom and baby #1 have now moved to the opposite side of the big willow tree from baby #2. I'm wondering if baby #2 is going to stand up.

So I go over to where baby #2 is lying very still.
 It responds to my presence, as you can see.
From here, the photos end. You see, baby #2 rises from the ground and decides to imprint on my legs. It sticks right next to me, wobblingly following me as I move slowly toward mom, who is around 100 feet away. As baby #2 and I walk out of the shade of large willow, I make soft deer sounds (yes, they call to their babes). Mom figures out what's going on and doesn't like it ONE BIT. She charges me; I have at my disposal a fist, a brand-new camera, and neighbor Joanne - hero of the day - who distracts the doe from across the yard. I am able to exit the scene; doe runs frantically between her two babies; eventually the family is reunited. I don't have pictures of that part because my hands were shaking.


  1. Wonderful story and photo documentation Laurelle! Thanks

  2. I am glad you got away unscathed! Those hooves can slice and dice (as meg found out).