Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thoughts on marriage equality

Opposition to marriage equality has accomplished only one thing: to permit and perpetuate a population of second-class citizens.

It has not changed the desire or commitment of gays and lesbians to remain as couples.

It has not reduced the number or success of lesbian and gay households with children.

It has not made gay people go away.

Same sex couples:

I love these people.  Some of them are (gasp) gay.

  • pay taxes
  • own homes
  • raise kids
  • go to PTA meetings
  • have affairs
  • divorce
  • try again
  • live in Utah
  • live oversees
  • grow old
  • suffer from Alzheimer's
  • make mistakes
  • try again
  • love one another
  • love straight people
  • miss their families
  • deserve a break
  • deserve equality

1 comment:

  1. yes. a similar argument can be made for gay christians. keeping them out of church, overtly or covertly, doesn't make LGBTQ people "not gay". it just makes them not want to be or be with people of faith.
    someday this will not be an issue. that day cannot come too soon. (but a LOT of people with the attitude of "this is the way I was taught" will have to die first.)