Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boundary Trail - Part Two

At Cathedral Lake
So from Cathedral Pass we hiked down through glorious lake basins and boggy meadow high country. We landed at Remmel Lake for the night where we met up with acquaintances at their "drop camp" who had our food re-supply for the second half of the trip. Spent the only frosty night of the trip at Remmel Lake; turned around the next morning and headed back the way we came.

But don't forget: the way back is never exactly the same, Grashopper . . . .
A view of Cathedral
Remmel Mountain peaking up behind the high meadows
Remmel Lake and mountain at dawn
Two hikers ready for the return trip
Frank navigates a tricky stretch below upper Cathedral Lake
Our much-welcomed tarn at Sheelite Pass
Perfect campsite on granite at Sheelite Pass
Hiking out the final morning we encountered Frank's internist, Dr. Chris Hogness, accompanied by seven pack goats. Family still asleep in tent on other side of Sunny Pass.
Pastel dawn in Horseshoe Basin

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