Thursday, October 6, 2011

A trek along the Boundary Trail - Part One

You belong among the wildflowers . . .  in Horseshoe Basin.
The Boundary Trail runs roughly parallel to the U.S.-Canadian border, just a few miles south of the international swath in places. From August 24 to August 29, Frank and I hiked the trail roughly three days in one direction (Iron Gate to Remmel Lake) and then turned around and retraced our steps to the trailhead above Toat's Coulee out of Loomis.

The weather was hot and sunny the whole trip; the bugs were horrendous - tent-screen-covering mosquitoes in camp, biting flies on the trail in the afternoon; the views were outstanding.

I still appear fresh on Day 2.
Sunny Pass - looking back the way we came.
Lowden Lake early morning.
Bug netting was all the fashion in camp.
After-lunch snooze.
BIG trail junction at Tungsten Mine.
Ancient rails lead out to the tailings pile. Apex Mountain.
Mine artifacts. Frank on tailings pile.
Apex Peak from Apex Pass. I stayed below and applauded wildly while Frank bagged the peak.
First view of Cathedral Peak; the pass is in the left saddle.
Frank on switchback approach to Cathedral Pass.
The view west from Cathedral Pass.
Trip to be continued in Part Two . . . .


  1. Wow that is so stunning, wish i could go with you guys, Lyle

  2. Gorgeous photos and delightful narrative! Thanks for my first glimpse of Cathedral, Remmel, and Apex: I'm planning to be there next September, and your report sharpens my appetite for the experience!