Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today in the 'hood

This quaint sign stands at the "T" on Maughan River Road to make sure you get where you mean to go. Of course, if you ended up at someone else's house, that would probably be OK too.

This afternoon I went for a  typical walk around our neighborhood, locally known as "Cy Maughan" for the guy who originally owned the whole place and eventually split it up - good ol' boy style (pre Comprehensive Plan) - into some of the most non-conforming properties around. We're basically trailer trash around here, with a few fancier houses thrown in.  If you build a fancy house in Cy Maughan, you have to be OK with being surrounded by double-or single-wides, converted school buses and junked cars.
This downy woodpecker got me to bring my camera on the walk. Thanks for the suggestion, dude!

Aspens with bright spots of color: rose hips!

So my wanderings took me to the lookout over the Chewuch River canyon; it's one of our walk stops year 'round. The view is ever-changing and we always have to make sure the river's still there. It is.
The Chewuch flows toward town, cutting through bedrock on its way.

To get these shots, I clung precariously to a deer trail that cuts across the river bluff. Somehow it seemed less scary on the snow than the bare dirt; I'm probably nuts. Here you go.
It looks different in the summer.
Ice, ice, baby.

And now for a mackerel sky. Good night, day.


  1. I LOVE the photos of your 'hood', Laurelle. I keep asking myself if I could survive a winter outside of Southern California... I can nearly freeze myself INSIDE our house! ;-) We still haven't gotten double-paned windows...

  2. I'm with you, Evelyn. Great photos, but damn the place looks cold. Even more so than before, I'm totally enjoying watching a warm, tropical rainstorm from our balcony.