Sunday, February 19, 2012

Funniest Cat Photo

I'm proud to announce that I'm the winner of the Funniest Cat Photo in the 2012 Dog and Cat Photo Contest at the Winthrop Gallery. Here's the winning image:
Wanted: for rodent rustling

Frank gets credit for the funny caption, which is part of what's funny about the photo.

I think it's a technically good image because the resolution is so high on Vito's face, a fact that has more to do with luck than anything (I think he was about to sniff the lens), but that's photography for you.

The other thing that's funny about the photo is Vito himself, who is a complete goofball, but you'd have to know him. Let's just say he is the Cosmo Kramer of the cat world.

I also entered the photo of Chica below.
Wanted: for butter burglary

It's not as technically good, but a really pretty image. Both prints are 8" by 10" and are visually powerful, I think.

The Dog and Cat Photo Contest is held by the Winthrop Gallery each year to raise money for Okanogan County low-cost spay and neuter clinic (OK SNIP). It is a really good cause and is constantly on the verge of shutting down for lack of funds, so I'm proud to support it.

When Chica and Vito were dumped as kittens and showed up meowing and hungry on our property a few years ago, Dot Schank of OK SNIP helped us trap the kitties and set us up to foster them. Then she transported them to Okanogan to be fixed - at a nominal cost to us. We weren't planning on keeping them, but somehow we never found a home for the furry monsters . . . .

So anyway, Dot has asked if OK SNIP could use these images in its advertising, and I said I'd be honored. These fine kitties are paying their way in life, one way or another.

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