Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sports photographer for the weekend

Presidents Day weekend is a big weekend for the Methow Valley. While it's a three-day weekend for us, many Seattle area schools have the whole week off, so hotels and cabins are full, and several fun sports events keep things interesting.

 I ran around the valley photographing the snow sports (not normally my beat) because the sports editor was over in Tacoma covering the state wrestling championships.

I shot folks getting on the bus for the Tour of the Methow:
Loading up the school bus before a day of skiing.

The Tour of the Methow is a Nordic Club event that celebrates some of the best ski trails in the valley. These folks were taking the bus up to Cub Creek to start a minimum 30-kilometer ski. I met some of them on the trail heading for Winthrop later that afternoon - (when the weather had changed from snowy to warm and sunny) - on the tail end of a 60-K leg. They had been moving, with some rest stops, I'm sure, for around six hours by that time.

Just for the record, I am NOT one of those skiers.

Next, I shot photos of the Snowshoe Softball tournament.

Making a dive for third base.

Snowshoe softball is ALL about the running, diving and fielding.

These teams come back for the tournament every year. Most are from the west side of the mountains, so they are delighted to be getting all snowy.

Second base action

Rad first base woman

The third - and final - fun photo assignment was on Sunday morning at the Doggie Dash. You pretty much can't take a bad photo there. Here are some fun ones:

Some of the costume finalists (after the heats were skied, so I'm going backwards here).

Kristen Smith in roller derby garb with Kurt Meachum as referee.

Kelly Schuh, young winner of Best in Show award. She gets to keep the Golden Poodle statue for the year.

Kelly becomes painfully aware of the hazards of having dogs on the sidelines during her heat.

I love that the dogs get into it as much as the people.

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