Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My biggest fan

Me, not eating well
I often don't eat well when I'm home alone.  Or maybe I should say, I eat weird.  I'll subsist on coffee until mid-morning at which time I frantically re-heat and gulp down some leftover pasta.  Then I'll forget to eat again until late afternoon at which time I'll slurp down an iced mocha while making a gigantic salad to eat at one sitting.  Or I'll make a meal out of a baked sweet potato.  If I'm feeling emotional, (are you ready for this?) Spagettios may make an appearance in my kitchen.  I pretty much forgo "regular" mealtimes, and just eat when I get hungry.

Axiom #4: You'll eat better if you have someone to cook for.

Which brings me to my biggest fan, Frank Vander Wall.  Here he is, enjoying a turkey and tomato sandwich at our "normal" lunch hour.

Frank, eating well

You see, when Frank and I are home together for lunch, I actually prepare food and we sit down and eat it together.  Same goes for breakfast and dinner. Three meals a day at "regular" times.  I know what you're thinking: this makes me sound totally conventional and house-wifey, but get over it, people.

My sweetheart brings out many of my better traits. Cooking well and 3 squares are just a couple of them.  Many thanks to my biggest fan!
A New Zealand luncheon


  1. I can confirm that Laurelle eats weird. Once I saw her eat a whole plate of carrots followed by two pounds of Swiss chocolate followed by a dozen donuts and a frozen burrito.

    My God, if I ate like that I'd be huge!

  2. Nom, nom, nom . . . You're making my mouth water!

  3. Not housewifey, just clued in!! In my house, Phil keeps me well fed three times a day. A good thing - on my own, I eat really weird....

  4. In response to
    Tony's comment- I don't believe him! I've never seen Laurelle eat more than a very reasonable amount of anything and we've shared a fair number of meals, snacks and beverages. I was with you until the chocolate/donuts/frozen burrito part. I know she enjoys a good nosh and a sweet nip of chocolate at the end of dinner but you go too far!