Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trust me, people.

I wouldn't steer you wrong.  Not when it comes to food.  Just trust me, people.

Axiom #1:  You can't make good coffee unless you're willing to keep your coffee-making device clean.  Really clean.  Remember how much better your coffee tasted right after you bought your (fill in the blank) machine?  That's 'cause it was CLEAN.  Old coffee shmutz tastes bad.  It will transfer to your cup of coffee.  Especially if your device has plastic parts.

So clean it.  Every time you use it.

We just got an AeroPress.  It's great.  It's cheap and it makes excellent shots of espresso.  The only thing is you have to buy yourself an excellent burr grinder (not cheap), or go to an excellent coffee purveyor, get 1/2 pound ground at one notch coarser than espresso, and be willing to buy it often.


  1. I applaud your entry into the Blogosphere! It's high time the rest of the world benefited from your knack with food!

    Everytime Laurelle and I go to a restaurant, I need to check with Laurelle before I order, because if I don't I'll have entry envy...Laurelle always orders the tastiest thing on the menu!

    I might add that I benefit from your culinary and garden talents at home every day. It's a miracle I still have my athletic figure.

  2. hmmmm i know that it most likely tastes so much better, but another appliance to clean? arrrrrgh... i am though of course going to have to keep that on my calendar ... can not wait to hear more ...